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The film was part funded by the Europeon Union Peace III project.


Ongoing planning and study occurred for the most part of 3 months by all team members, whether that was scheduling interviews, scripting visuals or simply reading a book.


We spent two weeks filming in Lancaster County, Pennsylvannia, USA, with a further week of filming in Northern Ireland.


It took 4 months to edit the film from importing raw files to exporting a final draft.



Film Synopsis

Most of us at some time in our lives feel that we have been wronged by others in some way. It may be as a result of malicious gossip or maybe a violent act or even worse. How do we react in such situations? Do we lash out at the offender, are we eaten up with the desire for revenge? “A Step Too Far?” investigates an alternative to revenge – the idea of forgiveness. From Northern Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, ordinary people share their real life stories and how they have come to view forgiveness. Leading academics also make a significant contribution to the film.

On Camera

Our Team

Paul MooreheadCreative Director+
Paul is the front man of the team and was inspired to make the film about forgiveness on the back of reading about the West Nickel Mines sho
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Thomas James GlassArtistic Director+
Thomas is the perfectionist of the team. An eye for detail and composition, he is truly at home working with visuals whether that's behind t
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Marina MooreheadPresenter
Marina is the "gentle" voice of the group. An excellent listener and born with a real knack for asking the right questions under difficult c
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Chad FreyInternational Consultant
Chad is the energy of the team. Currently he is the director of the Agape Center for Service and Learning at Messiah College, PA, USA. Chad
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“A Step Too Far” is really starting to prove it can travel, something we as a team are very excited about. A recent survey was conducted and it shows the percentage of sales around the globe, which is continually growing 2 years since it’s release. Our main aim right now is to progress our marketing strategy, something we just hadn’t the funding for in the past.

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Reading Resources

Many of the people we interviewed during the making of this film are authors of books on forgiveness. To find out more on their titles and others we found helpful click the link below

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